Good morning Doha

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I left Kuwait yesterday morning and will be spending 3 days in Qatar for the MotoGP, arrived around noon, and spent the afternoon at the hotel lounge waiting for my friends who where driving from Kuwait…at 6pm we headed to the track collected our passes and literary ran just like little boys to watch the practice.

Its nice to be back on the stands and around the paddocks enjoying the engine noise and how the excitement builds up to the race day. Unlike last year the track had very few spectators, which is very good if you wana get some autographs or take some  photos with the racers, but i believe it could get crowded tonight and tomorrow. I couldn’t tweet from the track yesterday because i lost my Qatari sim card, i should  be getting a replacement today so expect a lot of tweets from @DailyFix this evening.

Imola 2012 highlights

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Desmosedici GP12 Unveiling -Dubbed in English-

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The Metrosexual Guzzi

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Celebrating the 90th anniversary of Moto Guzzi, Piaggio will be introducing a limited edition Moto Guzzi California 1400, it will be replacing the current 1100 version and will have a completely new liquid-cooled 1400cc 90-degree V-Twin engine.

The new California get to keep some of its character as the new face lift makes it look more of a civilized modern classic, it will also have ABS, traction control and a revamped transmission.

2012 Race calendars

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The 2012 WSBK started last week and i missed the opening race for some reason !!

Anyway here are the Flogs calendar links for the WSBK and MotoGP, just click thru to add to your calendar.

Note: Don’t google Pirelli calendar, but if you did and decided to order one please order me a copy.

شلون يعني ؟

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نبيع الكلاسكس، نقص الشعر واللحيه ونرجع حق السبورتات !! زين والكلب شسوي فيه ؟

MotoGP Sepang Test

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The 3 day test sessions at Sepang ended today and seams all teams are happy with the numbers achieved on their new 1000cc machines, Stoner managed to do the fastest lap 1:59.607 . Rossi also made great progress with the new GP12 and still fine-tuning it.

I can’t wait for the season to start and hear these new 1000cc machines live at the opening round in Qatar.

For the high quality drift photos —click for more—

Just a tease

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To all my friends who wear suits and drive their cars to work every morning…i get wear my leathers, ride my Ducati, twist the throttle and inhale CO2 all the way to the office every morning.

موتوا قهر :p

Pay attention to details

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I had my Optimate 3+ for over 2 years now, it got a lot of beating and water splashing i actually ran over a couple of times while parking the bike…it still function very well. I have been using it to maintain the bike batteries and the battery of an old car i have in the garage, although it takes a couple of days to fully charge the car battery but it does the job.

I usually park one of my bikes at the office and the rest at home, and after a couple let downs by the bike parked at the office i decided to get another battery maintainer and keep it at the office parking. I looked around locally for something small yet tough, one that is water resistant and can charge car batteries as well but i did not find any. So i decided to order one over the net, did some googling and finally ended up getting the Genius G3500. The G3500 is an 8 Step fully automatic charger, it charges 6V & 12V Wet, Gel, MF & AGM batteries. It’s almost the size of a Pepsi can, light, tough water resistant and very nicely packed. I also ordered extra connecters for all the bikes. —click for more—

Got Drift !

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I like the way Icon promote their products, very nice indeed.


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